Why Register a .bw Domain?

A .bw registration is the process of registering top-level country-code domain name for Botswana. The registration is sponsored by the Telecommunication Company. The .bw domain extension is administered by the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority.


Why Register a .bw domain?

.bw domain names work in exactly the same way as .com. You can register a .bw to:

  • Protect your trademarks, trade names or product name(s)
  • Protect your identity on the internet
  • Create your own special domain name identity on the internet
  • Select from the many thousands of special English words ending in the letters (bw), to create a valuable and easily remembered internet presence

.bw domains names also:

  • Easy to register and manage
  • Work in exactly the same way as .com
  • Can be registered by anyone.
  • Fun to own.
  • Come with free DNS hosting.


.BW Extensions

Extension Purpose
.bw Registrations at the level have been stoped,all entities who are currently registered under this level will be given a 3 year grace period to migrate to any other level. For commercial entities For non profit organisations For academic institutions same as and For government instutions

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register a .BW domain name?

Start by checking if the domain is available on the website Follow the order wizard to create an account and to make the payment.

Or you can start the registration process first by creating your account using this link and then you can start searching for your domain.

How do I transfer a .BW domain name?

Domain transfer confirmations will only be accepted from the domain owner, and specifically from the address that appears on the domain whois, under “Registrant”. To transfer a .bw domain name into your account, send an email to support[@]

Who can apply for .BW domain names?

Anyone can register any of the .BW domain names except for the and extensions. (These extensions require an official letter from the applicant for proof of identity).

Do you provide “domain privacy” services for .BW domains?

Currently this service is unavailable for .bw domains but we are working to add it soon.

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